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Canadian Immigration & Settlement Services

Permanent Residence Requirements - Express Entry 

- Potential candidates to submit an Express Entry application
- Highest-ranking candidates to be invited to apply for permanent residence

- IELTS 6.0 minimum in each module

- Professional or Master’s Degree (to be assessed in Canada)

- Age below 35- Married (spouse IELTS 4.5 - 5 extra points)

- 6 years experience (Canadian NOC 0, A or B)

- Settlement fund based on family size ($20,000/- average)

Student Admission & Authorization Requirements

- Higher Secondary or Under Graduate student

- C$25,000/- per year expense fund

Visitor Visa Requirements​

- Blood relative of & sponsored by Canadian resident/citizen

- Wealthy businessperson with business interest in Canada

- Wealthy & regular international holiday maker

Non Resident Banking, Investment & Business Assistance

- Interest in keeping fund in Canadian Banks

- Interest in investment in Canada

- Interest in children education in Canada

- Interest in business expansion in Canada

- Interest in frequent travel to Canada

- Interest in future residency in Canada

 Other Services Provided (In Canada)

- Permanent Residence for Work Permit holder

- Permanent Residence for Protected Class & Caregiver

- Sponsorship & Permanent Residence for Spouse & Children

- Sponsorship & Permanent Residence for Parent/Grandparent

- SuperVisa for Parent/Grandparent

- Student Authorization Renewal

- Off-Campus Work Permit for continuing Students & renewal

- Study-End Work Permit & Permanent Residence for graduated students

- Work Authorization Renewal on behalf of Employer

- Arranged Employment petition on behalf of Employer

- Caregiver Petition on behalf of Employer

- Visitor Visa Extension

- Residency Obligation consultation

- Citizenship & Passport petitions

- Entrepreneur Business report

- Entrepreneur Business incorporation

- Entrepreneur Business accounting

- Entrepreneur Overseas travel advice

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