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About  MEGALITH Ltd.

MEGALITH is a Canadian corporation, which pursues management roles & brand acquisitions internationally, to add to its range of specialized services & products.   Founded in 1994, we are celebrating our 28th year of operation with a plethora of satisfied clients around the world.  Having its corporate head-quarters in Canada, MEGALITH is under constant expansion, both in terms of a growing global network & business opportunities.

Mission Statement:

To create and acquire a diversified portfolio of products and services that cater to the global market, while maintaining strong ethics, sound corporate profitability, and a compassion for people and planet. 

MEGALITH currently offers some core brands and services.  We are passionate about the environment and have been offering sustainable packaging and lifestyle solutions to replace plastics for almost 18 years now.  We are currently also involved with researching and developing innovative technologies to solve the single-use plastic packaging problem the entire world is facing and we are doing so in partnership with other Canadian and international organizations.

MEGALITH also offers a comprehensive Management Consultant Service, which is its primary strength and is what lead to Creating & Acquiring the brands below.

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